Let it work for you



At a time of global crisis, Bjumper, the company that has been helping to improve the efficiency and well-being of critical infrastructures for more than 10 years, had it clear: it was time to analyze and renew itself from within. And for that, they remembered us and gave us total confidence and freedom to create the new Bjumper.


Everyone who knows the Bjumper people realizes that humane treatment and sympathy is in their DNA. That’s why we choose the territory of complicity. Bjumper leaves its mark on its clients. They place tranquility at the center of everything. Bjumper frees you from worry through useful technology. This is its purpose.


The new Bjumper is a technological brand that starts from the complicity between people, and that opens a window to change, to do things easier without sacrificing efficiency. For this reason, his tone seeks simplicity and clarity using, for example, colloquial expressions; while rejecting the unnecessary technicalities so typical of technology brands. As for its visual identity, Bjumper is characterized by the play of geometric shapes that make up its isotype and bright colors, which differentiates and sets it apart from its competitors.

The window to change

If Bjumper use useful technology that frees you, that means that thanks to us you will change for the better. We are the step towards a new way of managing your critical infrastructure.

To represent this visually, we will use the portal or window resource as a representation of liberation and change.

Icons to represent applications

For the design of the applications we have played with geometry, trying to make unique and different icons from the standard.