Peaceful workflows. Joyful teams.

Ecaldima is a Madrid-based company founded in 2003. Its aim, to helps businesses digitize processes and manage incidents efficiently. It is one of those teams with which we love to work because they totally understand the relevance that the "Brand" has in the company's life journey. Also, in all the VCs we had along the project they were always smiling and ready to work as a single team.

Peaceful working life

This kind of availability, which is so characteristic of them, was reflected in the work since the understanding phase. Both, their clients and the team themselves highlighted it as one of their strengths in the commercial interviews. But, what is the reason for the existence of Ecaldima? Why do they do what they do? The discovery workshop took us to the essence: Peaceful working life.

Peaceful workflows. Joyful teams.

Ecaldima seeks the well-being of people in the work environment. Minimize the stress and anxiety of the teams. When we keep our responsibilities in full perspective, we are more productive and in a better mood. And with that input, we created their verbal identity and the new tagline for communications: Peaceful workflows. Joyful teams.

La identidad visual la construimos partiendo de las ideas de levitación y gravitación. Cuando tu entorno laboral funciona, todo es más liviano y parece que fluye o flota. De ahí el recurso del color que orbita alrededor del isotipo de la “e” de Ecaldima o el degradado de color junto a ilustraciones o fotos para emular ese efecto de flotación.

We built the visual identity based on the ideas of levitation and gravitation. When your professional environment works, everything is lighter and seems to flow or float. We used the resource of the color trail that orbits around the isotype of the “e” of Ecaldima or the color gradient next to illustrations or photos to emulate that floating effect.