Price: the least of it



In 2014, after three years of life, Altafit had a total of 40 gyms in operation. With this figure, they achieved record growth in the fitness club sector and became leaders in the low cost gyms category − a category that was hard to relate to quality services.

At that moment, they realized that their sector was beginning to change: big international companies came into play. To deal with this situation, they took the risk of transforming what they had built so recently.


Altafit’s proposal was to give more without raising the price. This new objective needed a new proposal that was embodied in the slogan: Price: the least of it (el precio es lo de menos in spanish).

On the other hand, the graphic identity was completely redesigned. Now the user is the brand’s protagonist.


After the brand redesign, the Altafit group began new and major projects such as the creation of a technology brand for the athlete, and the opening of fitness centers within a premium segment. Its aim is to become the benchmark fitness brand in Spain.