Look into your eyes



Ecoelum wanted to share the process of creating its brand with us and they gave us total freedom to imagine without limits. The leading ingredient of its products is Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil, which is the reason why Ecoelum wanted to compete for quality and not for price. The goal for the brand was to find a differential space in the ecological cosmetics sector.


Ecoelum brings benefits beyond the skin. It speaks of spiritual connection with oneself and of self-discovery. A brand for happy people who enjoy the authentic and seek to reconnect with its interior. Ecoelum is a cosmetics brand that invites you to keep believing in yourself. The tagline is look into your eyes.


To design the identity of Ecoelum we work on three concepts: the reflection of the mirror, the sky and its extraordinary phenomena, and the rituals to connect with oneself. The range consists of six products: invigorating micellar water, illuminating serum, regenerating eye contour … To create their names, we thought of women’s spanish names related to the concepts and treatments offered by the products: Rocío, Purificación, Luz, Aurora, Sol y Luna, y Estrella. On the other hand, the visual identity is based on iridescence, so the colours of the packaging vary depending on the angle from which they are observed.