The slow travel magazine


The tourism sector in Spain — and specifically in the Canary Islands — is one of the main economic engines of the country, and today continues to grow. Within the available tourist offer, the concept slow travel begins to penetrate certain sectors of the audience; travellers looking for an authentic experience: finding special places, feeling people and their customs, tasting local dishes, and understanding the local culture.


In collaboration with the advertising agency Mr Humboldt, we created a free slow travel magazine in the Canary Islands which is offered by different tour operators. The name Hache refers to the use of the letter h in Spanish: it’s not pronounced but it is there. We thought it was the perfect way to combine Canarian culture with the slow life concept.


In order to embody the slow spirit, we divide the contents of the magazine into sections titled according to the senses and experiences that can be lived during the trip: breathe, fly, shine, protect, brake, taste … An invitation to feel. The magazine has a clean and comfortable design to read with a careful photography and different graphic resources that complete the content as illustrations or proposals of artists.