Richmond Park School

Learning for the future, learning from the past



The entrepreneurs of this project decide to count on us from the beginning. They have a great deal of experience in educational management and wanted to found a school that teaches students to be independent, to think for themselves, and to prepare them for the future. One of the great goals is to create a school community that involves parents, students and teachers around an identity they were proud of. To achieve this, it was essential to work on brand identity.


Richmond Park School seeks to promote critical thinking and sport, and it’s based on the British Curriculum. These are, without a doubt, the main points that make it unique and from where we start when designing the brand of the school.


We create a balanced brand that joins tradition and modernity. A British style adapted to today. We established the deer as a representation of the values of the school: nature, elegance, influence, power, etc. thus, having a pet with different versions according to the moments of use: corporate, sporting or recreational. A complete project of brand design, communication and marketing, space design and digital development.