Technology that brings life back

An app to buy food and essential goods near you.
A new way to increase sales by reducing waste for local businesses.
A digital aid management system for families at risk of exclusion.
A platform to monitor and control these aids for social institutions.
In short, more life for every player in the food consumption ecosystem in our country. All this is the new coometas, the business pivot of Encantado de comerte towards the digitalisation of the spanish third sector.


An inevitable shift to connect with a new business reality

Some time after work with a model based on the reduction of food waste, “Encantado de comerte” (Nice to eat you) detected the need for social institutions of agile and digital tools to improve the social intervention models.

Pursuing this idea, they developed a digital food aid management system called “Digital Social Vouchers”. This new business model becomes the new main focus of the company.

At that moment they decide to call us to create a new brand company name and a new brand architecture.

Migration from "Nice to eat you" to coometas

When a company faces a complete change of identity, name included, it needs to find the right moment to carry it out. In the case of Encantado de comerte, they needed to establish a prudent time in which to make their audiences see that their app “Encantado de comerte” would be a new name.

A tone of voice that the third sector needed

Coometas is reborn as a dreamer and non-conformist brand, challenging the established, seeking innovative solutions to social problems.

A challenging yet humane attitude, providing shocking data on the global reality and raising questions that incite action to improve society.

Authentic communication, expressing fearlessness and sincerity, always with the aim of highlighting the positive and the good in the community.

This approach is reflected in its tone of communication, which is friendly and direct, avoiding naivety or pretentiousness, and is aligned with its values of generosity and care for the environment.

An illustration that prompts to action

The key visual asset of the new brand is the bright coloured illustration.
Simple and powerful, conveying the essence of what we want to illustrate, without beating around the bush.

We want to transmit the life that exists in neighbourhood shops, and what better way than by transferring the colours of the products that can be seen in them to the identity.

A dynamic brand to encourage change

We worked hand in hand with the coometas team to convey the messages and values of the new coometas through graphic compositions.

The aim is to evoke dynamism and life where before there was waste of basic necessities and demotivation due to unfavourable life situations.