Carrefour Group

Our relationship with Carrefour has been forged over the years. It started in 2015 working as an associated design department to Carrefour Marketing. Our mission was to support them in key moments: design of landing pages, displays, newsletters, social network creativities, and campaigns. We must have done something right because in 2016 they counted with us for bigger campaigns like Black Friday and Cyber ​​Monday.

Form that moment we started to work hand in hand with their team. It really feels great when they value and trust your work.
In 2018 Carrefour Group implemented a structure alignment, and we started to work not only with the Marketing area but also with Carrefour Financial Services and, a year later, with Carrefour Club. From that moment we would exclusively dedicate our work to design production and adaptations. Therefore, we had to be in contact with the 3 previously mentioned Carrefour teams, and with their international agency.

Communication between the three parties was a first-order necessity, reason why we suggested using team and task management tools to align ourselves and share files more effectively.
And so to this day! More than 3,500 completed tasks and
more than 600GB of files produced and exchanged on Drive. Not bad, right?