Centralising the design of brand assets

Sector Alarm, with more than 25 years of experience and more than 650,000 customers, aims to consolidate its position as a leader in security solutions in Europe. Its advanced alarm systems for homes and businesses and 24/7 monitored protection with instant response are the basis of its success.
At a time of expansion in Europe, they decided to centralise their branding department in Spain and from there manage all the group's communication demands.


Meeting the branding needs of a team of more than 1,700 people

We have been working with the branding department of the Sector Alarm group since 2021 to create branded content for use in digital marketing, commercial and sales.

The home of safety, the image of tranquillity

A “no worries alarm company” is the title of the company’s communication strategy and creative concept: Home of safety.

To build this idea, one of the key brand assets is photography. And them have to be your own. To this end, we help the brand in the production of tailor-made photographs as demand arises.

Evoking a sense of control through simplicity

A quality product and service for the security sector requires simple and agile installation manuals. We created a battery of 3D videos to make this process very easy to carry out.

A universe of communication pieces ready for the commercial team

The sales brochure may be the key visual element in the a process of buying an alarm system. That’s why the brand pays special attention and care to the design of each page. A document that aspires to stay in the home of a future customer cannot fail.

Creating new brand assets while maintaining coherence

We help the brand at specific moments not to lose its way and to create a solid image in all the elements that are designed. Products, icons, names, merchandising or any piece that communicates. And they all do.

Without a map there is no direction. And a brand's map is its guidelines.

Create guidelines is the last step in the asset creation process. It is essential if you want to keep the design teams aligned. Every year, Sector Alarm dedicates a recurring series of resources to reviewing, expanding and improving its brand manuals. A task we love to help you with.