Let's build together


The infrastructure sector is a major driver of the economy. However, if the local business situation is not known, seeking partners to create teams and develop projects is a slow and expensive — and therefore unprofitable − task.
Linkfra was born due to the need for a tool that would allow comparing the services of the different companies at a global level.


Create a modern brand, which drives the sector, towards a new way of working and develop a online platform where you can compare companies and find the perfect partner easily, quickly and reliably. This is the big idea of the brand: Let’s build together, a direct proposal for connection and teamwork.


An easy-to-navigate platform where finding the information you need is quick and easy. We design icons that appear on the website’s homepage and help make the search much more intuitive. On the other hand, Linkfra’s i symbolizes the union (let’s build together) and that’s the only part of the logo that changes color depending on the section in which the user searches.

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