Julián López

Dress your singularity



If we talk about fabrics in Spain, Julián López is the reference. They are part of the tailor-made clothing sector, which is not going well: few businesses survive.

Julián López’s owners, driven by his business intuition, had never invested too much in advertising and communication. However, when the 65th anniversary of its foundation has arrived, the company’s management contacts us to solve their needs for change.


There was no need to invent anything. To put the brand at the height of the business, it was only necessary to order what they themselves already had but were not aware.

We defined a brand essence at ​​its most personal side: Dress your singularity. In addition, we detect the need to step up their competitive advantages and after that adapt business discourse to new generations.

Julián López is the store where you can find any kind of fabric, the one that offers the best quality-price and they have the best customer experience in the market.

This idea is crystallized in its new brand tagline: The fabric store.


The clear example of change without changing.

First of all, we put in written words what until now were ideas in the air thanks to a coherent brand platform.

Second, we redesign the messages, communication and visual identity in accordance with the strategy.

Finally, we order all brand identity resources into tools for a much more agile and efficient management.