Afflelou Academy

Experience that activates your talent


Alain Afflelou’s People department contacted us because they needed a brand with which to encompass its great training, research, and entrepreneurship project. The main objective is to attract, retain and motivate the talent/professionals linked to the optics and audiology business.


Using the territory of opportunity, we started working with the Afflelou Academy. A project such as this cannot be understood without experience. On one hand, considering Alain Afflelou’s experience in the sector, on the other, the experience (or practice) that complements the theory. This idea, added to the objective of the project, is represented in the brand essence: the experience that activates your talent.


An identity with which to build the idea of activating your talent through movement resources, as well as the idea of experience and trajectory through sinuous forms (an analogy to a path).

This being a project of international scope, the vehicular language will be English. Thus, we’ve named the three talent areas as Afflelou Learning (training), Afflelou Research (investigation), and Afflelou Impulse (entrepreneurship). Each one of them using a main color.