Toma mi relevo

Young Sport Foundation


Fundación Deporte Joven contact us to give life to an initiative that brings together great professional athletes and young promises of sport. At this meetings, the athletes tell young people about their experience and motivate them to continue to strive and fight for their goals.


The name Toma mi relevo was proposed by the foundation and we thought it was a good idea to base the brand identity on the baton (relevo in spanish) as the join element between people — due to the meetings pretend giving space and motivate new generations of spanish sport. Thus, the R of the brand is formed by a vertical stroke, which makes up the baton and the other part of the R, which represents half a person.


A young spirited brand, which use the baton as a present in the meetings. The logo is used as a frame for pictures, to design souvenirs, gifs, etc. As for verbal identity, motivating phrases are used, always headed by you can (tú puedes in spanish).

toma mi relevo logo animation